Sorabji Files


On this page you will find nearly 10 hours of music by the composer Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji. To download, "right click" the appropriate link and click "Save As". All files contained on this page are in the public domain and are provided with the permission of the performers.

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Désir Eperdu KSS13 (David Pitman) (0:52)
In The Hothouse KSS17 (David Pitman) (8:49)
Toccata KSS23 (David Pitman) (4:41)
Piano Sonata No.1 KSS20 (David Pitman) (31:02)

Passeggiata Veneziana KSS77 (Jonathan Powell) (21:12)
Djami KSS47 (Jonathan Powell) (24:33)
20 Frammenti Aforistici KSS86 (Jonathan Powell) (10:18)
St. Bertrand de Comminges KSS64 (Jonathan Powell) (17:30)

100 Transcendental Etudes KSS66:

Etude No. 84 Tango Habanera (Jonathan Powell) (10:55)

Opus Clavicembalisticum KSS50 (Pars Prima):
Performed live in New York by Jonathan Powell

1st Movement: Introito (3:01)
2nd Movement: Preludio Corale (12:59)
3rd Movement: Fuga I (11:44)
4th Movement: Fantasia (5:32)
5th Movement: Fuga II (19:26)

Opus Clavicembalisticum KSS50 (Digital Rendition by David Carter)

11th Movement: Fuga A Quattro Soggetti - Dux alter (6:16)

Symphony No. 2 KSS72 "Jami": (formerly Symphony No.3 - SEE HERE)
This is the virtual rendition by David Carter.
To read the text to the final movement CLICK HERE.

1st Movement (1:34:49)
2nd Movement (19:46)
3rd Movement (1:58:57)
4th Movement "Canto" (43:07)

Symphonic Variations KSS78:
This is the virtual rendition by Alberto Vignani. It is still a work in progress so please check back from time to time for updates.

Introitus (30:19)
Variations 1-3 (8:06)
Variations 4-6 (8:19)
Variation 7 (3:53)
Variations 8-10 (8:00)
Variations 11-13 (10:29)
Variations 17-19 (18:29)
Variations 22-23 (11:27)
Variation 24 (8:13)
Variations 25-26 (8:05)